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    ZWNJ in text variable dropping




      I have a file with a chapter title in Kurdish. The authors put in zero-width non-joiners (x200C) liberally to keep characters from joining others. However, the ZWNJ does not remain in the running header, set up with a character style text variable. This makes two characters join inappropriately. Do text variables automatically drop certain nonprinting characters? Is there a setting that will fix this, or do I need to use a hair space for these instances? The hair space seems to work, with the obvious drawback that it is not zero-width.


      I'm happy to supply a file if you wish to poke around.





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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Ach. Have you tried replacing the zero-width non-joiners with zero width spaces? (x200B)  Are you using the ME edition?


          I have had a lot of problems over the years with long-document-automation tools that were built with Latin script in mind. Text variables in particular are fussy. If the zero-width space doesn't work for you, then maybe you should post a file so we can click around.

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            johnd64456340 Level 1

            Thanks, Joel. It seems the zero-width space has the same problem. If nothing else, you've confirmed for me that the text variables are a finicky feature. I am using the Western InDesign with World Tools Pro. I will probably end up using a hair space, since it is only slightly wider than the "space" created by the characters not joining. But if you want to play, here is a link: WeTransfer . Thanks!