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    Cancelling Stock


      If I cancel my account they will continue to charge me or because my subscription ends in February ??

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          spsb84 Adobe Employee

          Hi PamelaJ,


          We can see that you have stopped your Adobe Stock - 10 images a month (one-year), paying 29.99 USD that was due for renewal on 30 Aug 2017. (It's not February)

          Once you cancel Stock Subscription, you have time till your next billing cycle to license-download any left over credits else the available licenses/credits would expire post next billing date. Images that are licensed-downloaded are in your license history to be used anytime then.


          As per your account, you have been charged recently- 30th Nov'16 and there are still 10 licenses left to be used so we would request you to utilize the left over licenses before your next billing cycle- 30th Dec'16.


          Hope this helps.