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    URL Extension Question

    Gene San Level 1

      Just the same as you would create a catalog in Business Catalyst and add a product to it, I was wondering if you could create two pages, put a page under a parent page to create a similar link effect like a catalog does.


      An example would be "www.website.com/treadmills". If treadmills were the catalog and I created a e-commerce product called "version-one" it would become "www.website.com/treadmills/version-one"


      To my knowledge by clicking through each link you are awarded points from google that adds relevancy and ranking to the previous page. Could you do the same with a folder and two pages? Example below.








      Does the above method work the same as a catalog and product?


      Thank you,


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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there Gene.

          - You create a folder of the name you want it to be.

          - Inside your folder you create an index.html for the main page

          - You create other pages inside that folder


          This gives you:


          website.com/myfoldername - Goes to index.html page

          website.com/myfoldername/ - Goes to index.html page

          website.com/myfoldername/anotherpage - goes to your other pages.

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            Gene San Level 1

            Hello Liam,


            Fig.1 has pages that are in the root folder of the website(level 1). Fig.2 is how I would like my websites internal links to work. We want to push "price-match-equipment" page below the "why-fitness" page in site hierarchy(level 2). Do we create a folder in the root called "why-fitness" and assign the "price-match-equipment" page to that folder in order to promote correct internal links in Business Catalyst? Looking at it from the front end makes sense, but is it a direct link from the backend?


            fig.1 would have URLS such as





            fig.2 is how I want to structure the site by adding a folder(why-fitness) in the root folder with the same name as the page





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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You know its always better to keep it closer to the root anyway. No reason you need the above but if you do you just need to do exactly what I said.