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    How to print two Excel half-page sheets to a one-page PDF?


      I have two separate Excel spreadsheets that each take up half a (printed) page.  The column and row widths are completely different in each (so I can't just copy one sheet below the other).  I've set margins to allow Sheet 1 to print on the top half of a page, Sheet 2 the bottom half.  To print, I would just run the paper through twice, so both sheets end up on the one piece of paper. 

      I want to do the same thing, but create a PDF that combines them both on the same page.  I could print the one paper page and then scan it to a PDF, but the quality loss is unacceptable.  Same with copying and pasting into a new file.

      Is there a way to combine both sheets into one PDF file without having to lose quality? 

      The scan I'm including shows the desired result - the top 2/3rds is a separate Excel sheet from the bottom third (the answer box grid).  This is my annual Christmas "card" that I've always snail-mailed, but this year I want to also have it as a downloadable PDF.

      When I use the "Combine files" option in Acrobat DC, the two sheets come out as separate pages in the PDF.

      Help!    And thank you all in advance, very very much!  Happy holidays!           -- Ron

      Xmas 2016 sample scan.JPG