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    New Workstation Build SD and HD--Question


      Hi, I just have more of a general question that I need a little help on.


      Unlike many here I still work on SD material like BetacamSP and other analog formats. I'm also dabbing into doing HD 1080p material (and will soon get a 1080p based pro video camera) and I don't have any equipment nor cameras for 4K stuff at this time.


      Question is, I plan to build a new workstation that will serve as both my DAW and Video editing system with PPro, PS and AE. I also plan to do alot of audio editing and music composition as well on the same machine, in which this will be in a 4U rackmount case.


      With that said, I have read that using the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD drive is the way to go mostly now for PPro project files and export. I've also read that the 960 Pro 1TB version of the M.2 drive is due out by the end of this month. As I still capture analog material with the AJA Kona LHi however, I was considering doing a RAID 0 with either two or four SSD's just for analog video capture, doing the project editing and export with the M.2 drive then archive and backup to the spinner drives (I do have external Supermicro 4U servers for all media archive storage). Is this feasible? For this post I'm only focused on the video side since DAW work isn't as intense CPU wise.


      I created a hardware list for this build, nothing set in stone yet and open to make changes (audio related stuff not listed):


      My Budget for this build is $6,000


      Case: Rosewill RSV-L4000 4U Server Chassis

      MB: Asus x99 Deluxe II 2011-v3

      CPU: Intel i7 6900K (or 6950X depending on where I go with the build)

      RAM: 64GB Corsair DDR4 2400MHz

      PSU: EVGA Supernova 850w

      CPU Cooler: Noctua U9DX-i4

      OS Drive: Samsung 256GB Pro SSD

      Project Drive: Samsung 950 Pro M.2

      Monitors: x2 Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24"

      GPU: GeForce GTX1080

      RAID Controller: LSI Megaraid 9266 8i card for the SSD's (can get off Ebay). If motherboard RAID via IRST is adequate could go that route too.

      x4 512GB SSD's for analog video capture in possible RAID 0 config



      My end goal is to have a high end workstation that will last me for a good number of years and to do both audio and video tasks under one machine. So I figure to try going all out on this build because if I remain on the fence about building I will be sitting on the fence for the rest of my life as there's always something new around the corner. I know the i7 6950X will be the most expensive part of the build, being a 10-core PC but should serve my needs well for both video production and DAW use, though I could still go with the 6900K being 8-core and do just fine.


      Any thoughts or ideas to improve on this build?