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    Search Results Page Speed


      Is it just me or is the image loading speed in search results really slow?


      The first few load just fine but scroll, freeze, scroll, freeze, scroll, freeze and that's on a 300MB connection.

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          spsb84 Adobe Employee

          Hi Nswd,


          Can you please share the search keyword for image search so that we can see the behavior?

          In addition to this, can you please try to clear your browser cache-cookies and try to access it again?




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            nswd Level 1

            Hi Simar,


            When I search 'banner' and it happens.


            It has seemed to improve today. It's been an issue for me for the past few months. But it still hangs on some terms. Kinda seems like it might be related to the types of assets (vector and illustrations).


            I tried clearing cache after searching banners again and that hasn't made a difference.




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              spsb84 Adobe Employee


              Tried using "banner" and search- loading and scrolling works fine. Even tried seeing the speed by using navigation at the bottom of the page and works well. All this is done on Firefox and Google Chrome.


              There are multiple reasons for slow loading like: internet speed, different browser/tabs opened that are utilizing the internet to load content on those pages. But seems it is working fine as per response.