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    Need Assist with Converting Adobe PDF Files



      I am currently using Adobe Reader DC.  I would like to know if there's an option to convert these files to something other than Txt, Word or Excel?  I am attempting to submit documents saved under adobe as PDF files to a college and they wont except this file type.  The only ones they do accept are: jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, jfif, jif, tif or tiff (some of which I haven't even heard of).  My target would be to convert these PDF files to jpg I as this is a pretty common one & I already have a few documents saved as that file type. 


      I've attempted to research adobe (via the desktop icon) but am only coming up with the 3 listed above within the first sentence.  I also researched online/google ways to convert PDF files, etc. but have come up empty handed. 


      Is there a way to achieve this within the current adobe program I have downloaded or do I have to purchase another (I assume they wont be free like Reader)?  Or does anyone have any answers to how I can achieve my goal of converting PDF to jpg? 


      Any information would be GREATLY appreciated as this is time sensitive.  I'm attempting to submit an application for a testing date to complete the LPN to RN program I am a part of.


      Thank you!!!