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    Problem with Capture assets and library names changing themselves


      I am using Adobe Capture on a Droid phone, and Creative Cloud desktop apps on a Windows PC. The PC can't view the content I create with Adobe Capture even though the status shows "All files up to date."


      Another problem that may or may not be related is that every time I access the Capture app on my phone, the library name has the word "Recovered" after it. The library name grows over time and it followed by the word "Recovered" repeated more times than I have time to count. I have tried renaming the library name to remove the extra words, but I never seem to be able to delete all the extra "Recovered" instances.


      I have tried sharing the library and also just sharing a single asset from the library, but it always says to try again later.


      Can you tell help me figure out possible causes and at least get the content off my mobile device somehow?