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    urgently need help with where my files are


      Im a professional photographer, but I do art I am not technical.


      The details


      1) Have a new mac book pro running macOS Sierra 10.12.1 it was brand new. I did a full back from my old Mac Book Pro.


      2) Completed the back up and everything went easily to my new Mac, even LR 5.7


      3) Everything is where it was on the old mac, and set up exactly the same way


      4) Except all the files are missing.


      5) They are there, i see the pics, but when I  open one LR tells me "The file could not be found"


      6) all the files are on my new laptop as they are easily found in "files"


      7) I need someone to guide me how to get my files so LR can see them/ reead them or whatever needs to happen....