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    Presenter 11, HTML5 export names slides wrong, so it won't start


      Hi all,


      I have a problem with the HTML5 Export of Presenter 11.

      OS is Win7 Prof 64 bit

      Office / PPT 2010

      Language: German


      Apparently it exports the slide names in the wrong language (i.e. German):

      It names them "File1.PNG" etc. but expects "Slide1.PNG" (s. screenshot).


      I did rename them by hand and it is working now.


      How do I get it to export it correctly, since it is no option to do this by hand for every project ?


      Thank you



      PS: the first error demands a file/folder which is not even there, but apparently that doesn't have an negative impact.

      2016-12-08 12_24_36-Projektstatusbericht.jpg