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    What settings am I missing to stop a text box w no fill from printing w a fill color, and different from color box layer below?

    Melio123 Level 1

      * I don't know how to ask this question in less words.


      For the past 2-3 years, sometimes an ID file with a text box (no color fill) sitting over a color box below, and exported to PDF, will not show the text box having color on the monitor but when printed on an office printer, will show that the text box does have a color slightly different than the box of solid color below. You can see the whole shape of the text box - good example is a layer of PMS 301U sitting below a text box of white type and no fill - when printed, the text box appears to have a brighter blue and you can easily see the shape of the text box.


      All suggestions welcomed. I've asked many people; no one here knows the answer.