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    New computer setup W

    johnb40181266 Level 1

      I have purchased a new computer at the recommendation of Jim Hess and have installed Lightroom 5 from my disc.i made a copy of. My most recent catalog on a thumb drive but when I open Lightroom it does not find the catalog. I am currently backing up all my old c drive to an external dive with the view of then coping it to my new internal drive. The catalog back up are on the old cdrive S do I need to wait until the entire process is complete?



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To open the catalog that is on the thumb drive, you would want to go to File->Open Catalog and then locate the catalog on the thumb drive in the dialog that displays. But the catalog will only find the images  if they are in the same location on the new hard drive. In other words, they have to be in the same folder structure and on the same drive letter or name that they were on previously. If they are not in that location then here are instructions on how to find missing photos:

          https://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom-thinks-my-photos-are-missing-how-do-i-%EF%AC%81x- it/

          I get the impression that I'm being blamed for some problems that you have encountered. I hope that isn't the case. One question I have is, did you make a copy of the Lightroom installation program on a disk or did you just copy the program folder to the disk? It would also be good if you would describe your new computer. How much RAM, what operating system, your  disk drive configuration, etc.

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            johnb40181266 Level 1

            Hi Jim thanks for responding. Not at all am I blaming you in fact I am very

            pleased with the previous advise you gave me and I went out and bought what

            you recommended. I now have a Dell XPS with a 1TB hard drive an i7

            processor with 16GB of RAM and have Windows 10. Not sure if I understand

            but I purchased Lightroom 5 and dd not download from the interned and used

            that disc to install on the new computer.


            I have not yet transferred the information from my c drive on the old

            computer as it is currently being copied to a new external drive I

            purchased. I intend to then transfer to the c drive on the new computer.

            The c drive has the original photos as well as the catalog backups. Maybe I

            have to wait until everything is on the new C drive.


            In the past I have tried to find where I can " Click Correct" without



            Once again thanks for the advice on the computer and I am anxiously

            awaiting being able to work with it without the previous frustrations.





            John A Bowen

            S.A.R. Partners

            VP Sales, Puerto Rico/ Caribbean


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              dj_paige Level 9
              The c drive has the original photos as well as the catalog backups.

              Backup cannot be on the same drive as the original. Backups MUST go on a different physical drive than the originals. This is not optional, this is absolutely required.

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                johnb40181266 Level 1

                thanks. I import to the internal drive and make a copy to an external drive but the catalogs are being backed up to the internal drive. I now have two external drives so will if I can backup the catalogs on those drives.

                clearly I have been doing it incorrectly.