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    Blurry pictures


      When I go into Elements my pictures have ? marks on the pictures and when I click on them to see them in the larger format they appear blurry and I get a message that it is searching for a missing file and then moves to a page to reconnect to the missing file.  I click on the reconnect but it does not fix the problem and the picture remains blurry.  Before I click on it to enlarge it it is not blurry but does have the little ? on it.  It is only when I click on it to enlarge it that the pictures come up blurry.  Any ideas.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are all of your photos located on your main (C) drive, where the program can easily access them?


          What are the measurements of your photos, in pixels? (Not the size of the file. The actual measurement of the photo's height and width in pixels.)


          Which version of the program are you using on what operating system? What processor does your computer have and with how much RAM?

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            Dob57078 Level 1

            Steve, thank you for responding. Wish I was smarter about this. Not sure hoe to find what drive it is on or the size of the pixels or what version and how much ram. Think I should be ok with the ram.


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              Don26812 Level 2

              Are you using the Organizer that came with PRE? From what you wrote, the question mark sounds like you imported the pictures into the Organizer and viewing them there, but the somewhere along the way, you moved them to another location using, say Windows Explorer. Or, heaven forbid you deleted them. At any rate, the Organizer cannot find them.


              How did you get the pictures/videos into PRE to begin with?


              If you are not using the Organizer, just forget what I said. I do not want to confuse you with irrelevant info that does not pertain to your situation.

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                Dob57078 Level 1

                Most were downloaded from my camera card. Some were downloaded from a portable drive. The ones from the portable drive have always had this problem. My biggest concern is the ones that came from my card


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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I really can't help you until you can answer my earlier questions, Dob.