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    Accidental license



      This is the first time I have tried to use Adobe Stock, and by my mistake, I licensed 6 images when I thought I was just adding them to my cart.  I thought the button  was clicking was a cart and that I could decide which ones images I needed and which ones I did not need before checking out. Is there anything I can do so I don't waste some of the free 10 images. I have no use for 6 of the 8 licensed and have not even downloaded any of them. Thank you for your time.


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          kanikas17063107 Adobe Employee

          Hi Askasallis,



          Since it's not possible for us to un-license the images, as an exception adding 6 image credits to your account so that you can license different images instead.


          Hope this helps !

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            I actually did something similar -- but just resulting in one image being licensed I didn't intend to get. I was just trying to open the file to get information on what kind of material was shown in the photo. (You'll see I was only downloading previews for now anyway -- but then my finger slipped.)  The photo number is FILE #: 124190128, and I do not need access to it at all. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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              spsb84 Adobe Employee

              Hi SonyaS,


              Since we cannot remove an image accidentally licensed, we have given you an extra credit that you can utilize to search and licence an image as per your like and need.

              You can verify this by signing to Stock.adobe.com and see the Available License count on top right hand side.