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    Phonegap Build make push notifications not working on Windows Phone

    widonwaker Level 1

      Hello there,


      after almost two months of searches and attempts, i must say Phonegap Build is the problem.

      I'm trying to make push notifications work for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.  I've tested both Onesignal SDK and phonegap-plugin-push . Both services WORK fine on Android and iOS, while NOT WORKING on Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.


      So i'm asking you, WHY? I'm going crazy. The code is the same for the three platforms (of course, with PGB...) . On windows device, before receiving notification, the problem is the app never gets initialized for receiving push notifications. My primary goal is make it work on Onesignal SDK. I also asked their support and they confirmed all SDK versione are working with Phonegap Build and Windows Phone 8.1 (they do not support Windows 10  at the moment).


      I'm using phonegap-version value cli-5.4.1 , generating a .xap file. Newest version of CLI generates a .appx file which is not deployable on my Windows Phone 8.1 device.


      This is my project, feel free to test it : GitHub - widonwaker/test


      I hope you can give me an answer and solve my problem.