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    using flash shared object to have a load animation play only once

    complexity Level 1
      Hey all I have a swf on multiple pages, I onyl want it to play the load animation once, so I thought I would try the shared object to do this.

      //On frame 1 on my mc if it hasnt played the file below it should to gotoAndPlay frame 1 of my mc, logo_mc

      logoload = SharedObject.getLocal("logoload1");

      if (logoload.data.logoloadvar == undefined){
      } else {

      //at the end of my load animation frame 30 of logo_mc I am trying to tell the shared object that its has played, so I put something in it:


      computer = System.capabilities.os;
      _root.logoload.data.logoloadvar = "logoseen";

      But it does not appear to be responding, what am I doing wrong there? Its the first time Ive used the object.

      Any help would be great.