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    Unload problem:  Difference between Project and Authoring

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      I was wondering if anyone encountered the following problem and knows how to
      solve it. It's quite basic what i'm doing. I'm trying to show a serie of
      bitmap images (prefferably png's) Before i start showing them i use repeat
      loop to preload them :

      repeat with i = 1 to 10
      end repeat

      (I also tried preloadmember member(1,"test"), member(10,"test") )

      And after displaying it, i jump to another frame and use a repeat loop to
      unload the members. (Note at that point there are no references in memory or
      stage to those members.)

      repeat with i = 1 to 10
      end repeat

      (I also tried unloadmember member(1,"test"), member(10,"test") )

      In authoring mode it does exactly what is supposed to do. But in projector
      mode, it will not unload. It unloads only a small portion, about 1 mb. The
      total amount needed doesn't matter is seems to stop after unloading
      approxmately 1mb. I tried unloading in idle time, unloading at intervals of
      5 sec and more, it will not work.
      When monitoring the process in xp it, the memory usage keeps climbing. The
      odd part is, when preloading a second time, the projector will not recognize
      the bitmap data is already stored in memory and the same amount of memory
      needed again, so it keeps adding more and more memory to the projector.

      Please Help, all suggestions are appreciated.