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    Moving curtains effect


      I want to make a curtain effect similliar to this


      I kinda got close but I dont know how to make the shading


      I even got it moving so the shading is the only thing left. I found a way but it uses Audio Spectrum and it moves too much, also cant limit it prorerly.ui.u..png

      is there a way I could Remake the one with Audio spectrum but so I can manipulate it fully?

      I used a cupple of mirrors, Vector Blur with Direction Fading.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nah, you are overcomplicating this. The wings are really just some sort of graphic that wobble with a sine wave effect or similar. There's realyl no magic. Just a bit of layering, pre-composing and picking the right effects.



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            djkato Level 1

            Well, I you have some ideas how? Becose im lost. No idea how to do it.

            I thought maybe a gradient effect?

            Please let me hear your thoughts about this, I'm no professional at this.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You create the gradient and all its fancies in a sub-composition and then use that sub-comp as a layer in the main comp where you apply the distortion effect and arrange everything. It's really just that. I would suggest you look up a tutorial. Pre-composing is an essential fundamental principle in AE and you'll forever run into these problems if you don't get a handle on this.