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    How do I replace my OS/Program hard drive and install my CS5.5 then upgrade to 6?

    James G Maker Level 1

      My OS/Program hard drive died and I have to replace at least one hard drive.  After looking at the ssd vs raid thread, I'm thinking of replacing my 2 raid0 volumes with a single ssd. Then just adding a 4tb drive for backup. This is for running PProCS6.  I'd like to know how to deactivate my current CS6 (that was free upgraded from 5.5) and get it loaded back in the came computer with at least a new OS/Program SSD.  I've got the discs for CS5.5 Master Collection and the disc for Win7x64pro.  Win 10 was forced fed to my computer without my consent and I've been using it for a while.  I'm not really sure if I should stay with Win10, or Win7.  I'm not interested in buying any new Cloud version of this software in the near future.


      Any Ideas?