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    Can I adjust color/lighting in one image by clicking on a point in another?


      tldr: I am wondering if there is a way to "match" the color, exposure, vibrance, etc. as close as possible between two photos in Lightroom based on a certain point in a photo?


      (I've read some forum posts, but couldn't quite find one that worked for my situation. Please feel free to point me to any other post that you think will help me out.)


      Background: I am doing product photos of tea. I have the same lighting, background, and props. But depending upon the color of the tea, the lighting/exposure changed (i.e black tea vs a red colored tea meant a change in exposure). I'm new to photography, but learned a bit about how to use the histogram and tried to use that to set the exposure. Still, the lighting and color are different. I'd like to get them as close as possible (while still being efficient with my time).


      I took two to three images of each product at different exposures. Other than the color of the tea, the only other element that subtly changed was the background. I am using reclaimed wood, so the color and texture changed slightly from image to image.


      My goal is to get the teaspoon used in each image as close as possible to being the same color AND size.


      My two questions:

      1. Is there a way to match the properties between two images based on defining a certain point in one image (e.g. can I click on a point on the teaspoon in one image and have another image automatically adjust/calibrate)?
      2. Is there a way to crop the images so the teaspoons are the exact same size in LR?


      As an example, here are two products with two images each. I've left a few comments just to help give an idea of what I'm going for.


      (Note: While I know how to get one image to where I want it to be in LR, I don't know how to quickly replicate it across 120 other product photos.)



      Image 1a: The teaspoon is more of a creme color. The tea and wood feel a bit dark though, so I would want to lighten it up.



      Image 1b: The teaspoon feels a bit washed out/too much highlight. Tea and wood are brighter like I'd prefer (though the tea might be a bit too light for what it actually is)



      Image 2a: Again, teaspoon's creme color is accurate, but tea and background are a bit too dark.



      Image 2b: Good "tea" color and contrast.



      Thanks for any advice or guidance here!