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    GoPro footage at 59.94fps (Duplicated frames)

    benjamin starosj74912

      Hey guys


      So I have been searching around the forum for a solution to my problem. But it seems like none of the possible solutions works for my particular problem so I'm starting my own discussion. Hope it's all right.


      So I have this footage from a GoPro camera with a framerate of 59.94fps. But when I apply Twixtor to it I get a choppy result. I looked at the footage it self, and it looks like it has duplicated frames every second frame.



      I've put the original footage inside it's own composition with Twixtor applied to it with the source input framerate. This composition has I then applied Time-remapping to inside my main timeline/composition to control the timing of my slow motion.

      I have tried to interpret the footage in different ways but this doesn't seem to fix the problem...


      Anyway, hope some of you lads might have a possible solution. I have wondered if it was because "night mode" was turned on at the time of shooting as I know this can cause some problems in this regard. But I'm pretty sure that is not the case.


      Thanks again

      Kind regards