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    Deceptive Adobe Stock signup and cancellation process


      Hello, has anyone else here been surprised to learn that they've been signed up for a year of Adobe stock and that there will be a huge cancellation fee if they cancel early?


      I am experiencing this right now. I was enticed to try Adobe stock for free for a month. I gave them a rarely used credit card number. Then as many millions of people do I forgot to cancel in the 30 day period. OK, whoops, I pay a month or three, right? Wrong.


      For using one image, Adobe wants to charge me a total of $225 -- three monthly payments plus a $132 cancellation fee.


      Adobe - you suck in a big way! Cut it out!


      There has to be some enterprising class action attorney out there ... otherwise, has anyone had success in getting these charges reversed? I have an educational discount for Creative Cloud that lasts a year but I'm thinking I should start the cancellation process now, seeing what others have gone through (ripoff report, pissed consumer, etc)