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    LR Catalog problem or CC2015.7 and OS X 10.9.5 problem?

    AZstarman Level 1

      A very strange problem that I hope I can describe clearly.


      Set-up: MacBook Pro, Mid 2009 (yeah, it’s old and will be replaced in the not-too-distant future! I wish a new Mac Pro would come out!!); 500Gb internal drive, 8Gb memory. OS X 10.9.5. External 4TB


      Running LR 2015.7; I just read that this version is not supported by OS X 10.9.5, but all seemed fine until the problem to be described arrived. I do not know if that is the cause of the problem or not. (If Adobe did not want it loaded, it should not have updated!!)


      The LR catalog is run from the internal drive; the photos are stored on a 4Tb external drive. All appeared to be working well with ~50K pics showing up in the catalog and the catalog showing 2.8Tb available in the 4Tb drive. The drive name is “G-Drive USB” (of course without the quotation marks!!).


      At this point, I do not remember any details of how I noticed the problem or what was done before in terms of saving/opening or anything. In any case, I noticed that the catalog had question marks for all 50K pics! I then noticed that rather than saying the drive was “G-Drive USB” it said “G-Drive USB 1” and sometimes “G-Drive USB 8” which told me it was looking for a drive name that did not exist. How THAT happened is the question of the day!


      My thought is that somehow the drive name in the catalog changed. I was hoping I could examine the FILE WOULD NOT OPEN!


      One problem I was aware of was that the external drive would be improperly ejected when the computer went to sleep (apparently a known problem). While that’s not good (I’m now taking it offline manually with automatic sleep turned off), that should have had no effect at all on the database on the internal drive.


      Only solution seemed to be to import all 50K images into a new catalog. I did that but much to my horror I noticed that the images I had “developed” since moving to CC this summer did not show my adjustments. Ends up that, also to my horror, the default in CC was to NOT have adjustments saved to XMP files as I had been doing in earlier versions. Thus, work has been lost (unless we figure a way to recover the previous database).


      I have played with the backups but to no avail at this point.


      So, the questions:

      1. Anyone have any other bright ideas??!!!

      2. Is the problem one of running LR 2015.7 on OS X 10.9.5? I am thinking something here might be the problem?? I have not wanted to update the OS because of the age of the computer, but perhaps I need to (finally).


      Thank you.