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    Issues with text on different OS


      On the "credits" section of my site, www.danielwaltermusic.com, I am having an issue with text appearing differently on OSX vs Windows. On OSX the text appears normally, with the links located exactly where they are supposed to be. On Windows XP and Ubuntu 2.22.3 (only systems I've been able to check it on) the links are located improperly like so: http://www.danielwaltermusic.com/awoa/siteexample.JPG

      If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great. My web designer is not using dynamic text so that is not the issue.

      Also, if someone could help us figure out how to get the web player to play songs sequentially (as it is, the player stops after one song) that would be great.

      Thank you so much!