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    Which license can I use?


      Hi Community,


      My girlfriend sometimes design things but she almost never uses Adobe CC. Except for now, we're organising a little festival which off course needs some graphic things like a poster, flyers, facebook banner, etc. Where she will NOT get payed for because it's a festival for charity.

      She's still a student so she can't afford paying € 360 only for some simple designs.

      I work at a school which has sort of a campus license for adobe CS.


      My question is: Can she use the school license from where I work or does she need to buy her own license?


      Feel free to ask further questions if needed!


      Thanks in advance,



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          Hi Kay,


          She can't install a new copy of the software onto her own computer using your school's campuswide license (presuming she is not a student or teacher at your institution), but she might be able to temporarily use an already-licensed computer that has the programs installed on it.


          Hope that helps.