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    Can Robohelp Server pre-filter dynamic content?

    argus08 Level 1

      I've never seen Robohelp Server, nor have I played a user on TV (sorry, Friday brain already).

      I'm currently evaluating knowledge base options for a client, including using Robohelp output, with or without Robohelp Server. (If you're so inclined, see my other related post in the Robohelp HTML forum, Considering RH instead of a knowledge base tool, would love any other perspectives on those questions.)

      One of my client's main criteria is for multiple versions of content. They are hoping for a KB solution that allows them to pass a URL that identifies the version of the software in use, and serve up the appropriate help. In other words, use the DUCC features of RH but use a URL to pre-select the appropriate version, rather than having the user make the choice.

      Is this possible with RH Server?



      Disclaimer: I have never used RH's DUCC features either, so I apologize for any stupid questions/assumptions in that regard.