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    Free beer, if you make this work....

      Provided that you come and collect it yourself.....

      First of all, new to flash, so I have properly made this all wrong

      First look here

      What I want to make is a scroller that can scroll movieclips, so I use a scrollPane and adds a empyt MC (a contentHolder) to it.
      I fill the contentHolder with the MC's i have. Then I made my own scrollbar what works with %, so when it is at the top the value is 0% and at the bottom 100%. A onEnterFrame on the scrollbar makes sure it is always updated.

      Used this solution before and it works pretty ok. But now the movieclips can change size (when you expand the news) This change in size makes it jump...

      I spend days now, so i need some else to look at it, to see if you can help me.

      problem: The position of the scrollbar changes when a mc is expanded.

      cause: The overall size of the contentholder changes, but I can't seem to get the scrollbar dragger placed correct.

      what i want: when you expande a movieclip, the movieclip stays where it is, and the scrollbar dragger is resized and placed accordingly.

      how: I can't do the math...

      Hope it is not too confusing... and the code is properly messy!

      HEEEELP, and free beer to the guy/girl who solves it...

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          2m Level 2
          Hi mr.morton,

          where would I have to collect my beer?

          Just joking, I'll give it a try anyways ;-)

          (will take a little time thoug, as I've got family duieties right now.)
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            mr.morton Level 1
            The beer will be in Aalborg, Denmark...

            Appreciate you trying, if you have anyquestions - just ask and I will try to answer the best i can :-)

            Kind regards
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              2m Level 2
              Even if it might take a while, I might come to Denmark and collect that beer - if that is I can solve the puzzle.

              But befor i try to do so, my first question would be: Why do you use a scrollpane at all, as far as my first glance goes, a simlpe Mask would have done the job as well. Am I right, or is do I miss something important.

              The next questioin would be why use on enter frame and not just onMouseMove.

              Like always in such situations, I not sure if i sound to smartass, and how far my "teaching" should go. For the moment I'll try to fix the problem (as I understand it) with as little changes to your stuff as I can manage.

              We might discuss other approches as you like afterwards - ok?
              • 4. Free beer, if you make this work....
                mr.morton Level 1
                Well, i am very new to flash so i just made it without knowing exactly how to make it the smartest way :-)

                If it is possible to make it smarter, then it would be perfect!!

                You got free hands, as long long as the result is what i need... :-)

                Don't worry about sounding like a smartass :-)

                EDIT: soo bad at english :-)
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                  2m Level 2
                  I'm impressed that you managed to do what you have done so far.
                  Actually it is very messy but it works (at least to a large extend) and you didn't do it the easy way.

                  After saome digging I came to the conclusion that I really should rework at least some of the steps that complicate things.

                  I'll try to write a little log whit the things I do.

                  And maybe before we fill up the forum with too specific details of your project, you send me an email-adress via private message.