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    Creative Cloud is killing my internet/network speeds.


      I'm looking for any help on resolving speed issues when installing/using Adobe CC.


      After a few weeks of struggling with really slow internet speeds and waiting longer than I should for uploads and downloads, I started ripping out apps/components from my Windows 7 PC. I saw immediate, drastic improvement when I removed Adobe CC.


      With Adobe CC installed, I would get around 10-13Mpbs down.


      Un-installing CC and rebooting gives me 60-65Mpbs down.


      That's quite a difference, and CC is also impacting my ability to stream programs, download files, and play games.


      How can I either install my Adobe applications without requiring Adobe CC, or some way of limiting/preventing this application from ruining my internet?


      I have no interest in continuing my subscription if it means I can't have a functional computer.