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    Customizing Muse starter file Exposure problems


      I started my new muse portfolio site by using the "Exposure" starter files. I wanted to make sure the site was responsive and after reading one of the tutorials I changed the site properties from fixed to fluid width with Maximum page Width 1200.  Exposure has it set at fixed width with Max page Width set at 1160. I didn't realize I'd created a potential problem until I tried to delete the arrows in the top slideshow. Now I can't see them in Design mode but they show up in preview with one large arrow and one small. Tried to fix this by copy and pasting the previous version of my site's top slideshow so I could at least have decent looking arrows and noticed that the original version is 375 pixels wider.


      1. Are the Exposure starter files already responsive?

      2. What is the next step I should take to correct the site for Ipad and Iphone?

      3. I've done a lot of the Muse tutorials on the Adobe site as well as Lynda.com (see below) but haven't seen a tutorial that takes you past the very basic tips on the Starter file page. What am I missing?



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