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    After Effects Keylight Crashing


      I am rendering quite a few music videos that are composited from start to finish with Keylight in AE CC 2017. This issue has been happening in CC 2015.2 and 2015.3 and I can't seem to find a fix for it. Every time I open a project that uses Keylight, the first time I open it, it crashes. Sometimes while scrubbing through with the playhead, it crashes. Every time I try to render within After Effects to a full bitrate H264, it crashes. Even sending it to Media Encoder is a crap shoot as to whether or not it fails or completes (much less that it doesn't use all my RAM or CPU). It will render to different points in the video each time before crashing, so it's not a specific piece of media that is causing the issue. It is crashing using source files of various mediums and codecs and formats (which I will list below). I've updated graphics drivers, rolled back graphics drivers, nothing seems to work. After crashes, After Effects and AME sometimes don't open, freeze when you try to do anything in them, requiring a system reboot.


      Rendering other projects that do not contain keylight effects appears to be working flawlessly. It does look like it is a problem with the keylight plugin, however I do not have another option for compositing as the built in, default, keying effects in After Effects are terrible and do not have the amount of control needed for these applications. I have tried 2 methods with keylight. Using keylight as a track matte and then using an advanced spill suppressor to remove the green and levels to adjust color, and then using keylight on it's on with final result as the render option. Both ways causes crashing.


      System build

      Intel i7-6700k @4.00 GHz

      Motherboard - Gigabyte Z170X-UD3

      RAM - 32GB (6GB reserved for other applications)

      GPU - GTX 960 4GB (though AE doesn't really use the GPU)

      Windows 10 (OS and Adobe software on an SSD)

      Source media is on a network drive (also tested with a local drive)


      Rendering directly to a local HDD


      Codec/frame sources

      4k/30 MP4 (MXF container) from a Canon C300

      ^ footage converted to ProRes

      4k/30 MP4 from a GH4

      1080p/30 mp4 from an AC-160

      720p/60 MP4 from an AC-160


      I have tried rendering to Quicktime using an H264 codec, MPEG-4 Video codec and more recently (through AME) AVI using an 8-bit uncompressed 4:2:2 codec. Encoding to uncompressed managed to work once but I can't keep rendering out 30 GB files when I have so many to make.


      Solutions I've tried:

      Emptying disk cache

      Emptying AE temp files

      Rebooting PC

      Converting media to another format

      Rendering to another format

      Re-creating the project

      Using the media on a local drive

      Attempt to render on another machine

      Update to newer versions of After Effects



      If there is something set up incorrectly with my workflow or some setting in some menu that needs to be changed then someone please let me know. I've been going through the forums and trying to find answers but everything I've seen has either said "it's The Foundries plugin, take it up with them" or the default list of try these if you are getting errors and crashes. I've tried them and I'm getting really tired of keylight causing so many problems through so many different builds of Creative Cloud. I know Keylight is made by The Foundry but Adobe has seen fit to integrate it into it's baseline plugin/effect set so please either offer a fix or make The Foundry fix their plugin if you wish to continue including it in After Effects.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are not doing anything wrong. Keylight has always been crash happy because it is a memory hog and working in 4k doesn't really make things better. Also it appears that generally Keylight isn't happy with Windows 10 since it seems to use an older version of some Microsoft component. You can try to mess with the MSVC and .NET runtime stuff and see, if installing al lthe legacy bundles improcves anything. Unfortunately beyond that you don't have that many options on the Windows site. Primatte is maintained equally poorly by Red Giant and the BorisFX keying suite may not meet your quality requirements.



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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi there jhnosko,

            Looks like you were in a pretty rough spot there. Did Mylenium's reality check help you out all? Did you end up using Keylight or an alternate keying package? Any feedback you give us here can help others with the same issue. Let us know how you sorted out your issue. It would be not only helpful, but interesting to hear.



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              hami1car Level 1

              Wait what?!


              Did Mylenium's reality check help you out all?


              Look, I realize Adobe's commitment to After Effects quality seems to be tenuous at best, but this response sounds like it's from a curious 3rd party that acknowledges that Adobe is delivering crash prone software. So is Adobe saying that the reality is that their software isn't going to work properly?


              There's clearly a real problem here.


              Keylight 1.2 crashes AFX CC 2017 : Adobe After Effects


              Keylight Crashing After Effects

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Hi ham1car,

                Thanks for your feedback.

                this response sounds like it's from a curious 3rd party that acknowledges that Adobe is delivering crash prone software. So is Adobe saying that the reality is that their software isn't going to work properly?


                I understand how my statement may have confused the general situation with that the OP was having. I didn't mean to be flippant. Sorry for that.


                I do believe that it does not serve people well to be keying footage that is acquired with Long GOP footage like that coming from the Canon C300. 


                That said, I tried doing the same for a good while and could not make Keylight crash after working with 4K Long GOP footage, however. It could be something to do with Canon footage. That's why filing a bug report is probably the best course of action. Of course, the OP can also work with us 1-1 by contacting us here.


                Thanks again,


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                  shawnm22767256 Level 1

                  I had the same issue. It would crash anytime I tried to play it back or do a RAM Preview. The solution is to NOT use Pre-Blur. Put it at ZERO, That is what is causing the crashes. You can use a Matte Choker or other Matte to refine and smooth out the edges without a problem but stay away from Pre-Blur in Keylight.

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                    Andrew1977 Level 1

                    I don't know if you solved OP's problem but you just solved mine! Saved my deadline! Thank a bunch!!!