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    Blurry when exported. Different crops in Youtube!


      I am on Windows 10 using Adobe Premiere Elements 10.


      I recorded several hours of video using the same camera and settings I always do. For whatever reason, on this latest batch, everything looks great and does what I want in preview in Premiere, but when I export, either to my computer or to YouTube, it's all blurry! I have taped and exported video since this session without issues. It appears to be just this batch of trainings.


      Here's the video: Bloodborne Pathogens Nonregulated Waste Clean up in English - YouTube


      Here's what it looks like in the software. At least I managed to get the cropping to look as intended instead of something completely different.

      I appreciate your help!

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Most likely there is mismatch between three items:  (1) source video, (2) project settings and (3) output settings. 


          Figuring it out is going to require some detail.  Even then, your version is has updated each year for 5 years.  YouTube has not remained static, so there may be hidden issues there.


          I've not used version 10 for a long time but will still try to help.  Please list the details.