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    Issue Uploading to Vimeo


      I'm new to Adobe Presenter and appreciate any advice for the situation I am running into with my first video.


      I am attempting to upload from Adobe Presenter Video Express to Vimeo and continue to run into the attached screenshot indicating the following:


      Oops! This action could not be completed because your form session expired. Please make sure your cookies are enabled, then return to the previous page and try again.


      Screenshot 2016-12-09 13.53.49.png

      I am still on the trial version before I ask my employer to pay for Adobe Presenter. My hope was to try this out and see how it works so then I can ask for funding. I'm on day one of the thirty day trial. I have the latest version of Presenter.


      I went on to both browsers installed on my computer, Chrome and IE, and ensured Cookies were enabled overall and specifically for Vimeo. I restarted my computer and tried again. I continue to run into the same message. I can upload from my computer to Vimeo, but found the quality was low. I've since gone back to adjust the publishing settings in Presenter and will do this work around again, however, I would like for the direct publish to Vimeo option to work.


      Any recommendations on where I am going wrong with this? Could this be a Vimeo issue? Thank you for any assistance and insight.