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    HDR with lightroom

    eap_designs Level 1

      I do real estate photography. I've been using photoshop, actually do most of my editing in Camera Raw, and then HDR efex Pro 2. Everybody seems to be using Lightroom and Enfuse and everybody tells me it's so much faster.  I bought Enfuse, and it seems to be working, but lightroom processes and never seem to finish. In the upper left hand corner of my lightroom screen is a progress bar that sits about 3/4 of the way done and never finishes. I've let it rum a full 5 minutes and it never finishes. Same thing with the built in HDR in lightroom.


      I'm adding 3 photos, bracketed by my Nikon camera in 2 stop intervals in Lightroom CC.

      My computer is a 27" iMac, 3.2GHZ Intel Core I2, 16GB of ram, running OS 10.11.6.


      I'm upgrading all my Adobe software right now, hopefully it was just a bug. I shoot 30 HDR images, so if I could batch process the HDR and the tweak a little in lightroom, it would be a lot faster.