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    Can't disable Safe Search in Microsoft Edge

    YKeeg Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I think this may be a problem in a more recent iteration of Adobe Stock, but suddenly I can't disable Safe Search if I'm using Microsoft Edge (which is, for better or worse, my default browser).  I tried getting in through Firefox and I could disable safe search from there, but I'd really rather not change my default browser if I don't have to; I know where everything is.  Is anyone else having this problem with Edge?  Sigh... thanks again, Microsoft. 


      Is there some sort of setting that needs to be activated within Edge's control panel for that button functionality to be available?  Disabling safe search worked fine not too long ago, but suddenly stopped working fairly recently, which is why I think it could be an issue with a newer version of the software/application/whatever Adobe Stock is.  Could it be yet another HTML5 functionality that Edge hasn't yet adopted?


      Is there a way in Adobe Stock (or Creative Cloud) settings to just shut Safe Search off by default?  I have no qualms about seeing the occasional racy photo in a search; and it's entirely possible that an "unsafe" image would have elements I need to incorporate into my work, and any naughty bits I can simply cover up as necessary.  I'd prefer to have that option by default, rather than manually click off the Safe Search button every time.  My work environment is private, so there's no problem with "Not Safe For Work" imagery. 


      All that aside, what I really need is the option to turn Safe Search off when I need to, which I cannot currently do on the browser I use.