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    Using Typekit fonts in an ebook

    msredhd Level 1

      I am nearly done designing and producing a fixed format ebook for the Apple iBooks store. For the book, I have selected the Adobe Typekit Proxima Nova font family, which I have licensed from Adobe as part of my Creative Cloud subscription. To clarify, the Proxima Nova Typekit font family is SYNCHED to my Mac, NOT installed in the classical way that I would with other fonts that I might purchase from other sources.


      The book I created looks great on my Mac and iPad. But a friend who is beta testing the book emailed me a screen shot of how it looks on her iPad. I was horrified to see that her iPad displayed the book using either Helvetica or Helvetica Neue, which repaginated my carefully built layout.


      I must be sure that my ebook contains embedded fonts (in this case, Proxima Nova) so that everyone who purchases my book sees the layout exactly the same way. If another font is substituted, my book's layout (consisting of over 400 pages) will be blown to smithereens. That is unacceptable.


      MY QUESTION: Can anyone clarify if I need to PURCHASE the Adobe Proxima Nova typeface family and install it on my Mac using the Apple Font Book application? Or can I simply use the SYNCHED Adobe Typekit version of Proxima Nova and assume that it will be embedded into my final book file?


      Thanks in advance for any help you can share.