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    Lightroom Mobile Automatically Adjusting DNG Images?

    FEC Level 1

      I'm discovering that DNG images taken in Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro 9.7 are automatically being adjusted before I start the editing process.  For example, when I open a freshly taken DNG to edit, I'll find that Whites are already adjusted to +15, Blacks are set at -5, and Clarity is at +8.  Sometimes Tint is adjusted as well.


      When I sync the images over to my desktop Lightroom (without making any changes to it on my iDevice), I find the same settings there as well.  If I hit Reset or step back in History to Import, everything reverts back to 0.


      Is this behavior normal or ?????  It strikes me kind of odd that the app would automatically process a DNG, but I can of course work around it...