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    How to install the jar files for the cf extensions


      In adobe labs I saw some extensions you can download for cf/flex. They seem to be a bunch of jar files and a plugins directory. How do I use these. I did not see any documentation? Where do these files go? I think a web-inf dir or something like that but I am not sure.

      That is question 1.

      Question 2:

      If I want to build a flex application that uses CF, what is the basic site structure that one would use that would allow them to have the code relatively in the same spot and make use of remote objects. Typically we have a web server IIS or apache or whatever or even CF's own built in webserver, under that we have our apps


      This is fine for a traditional CF application, but if we are using flex, it seems like it wants to default all my flex files into the mydocuments/flex folder and not under any webroot, I guess I am looking on how to setup my files in terms of developing an app that will utilize Flex/CF.