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    Export PDF dialog box

    MIDI Guru

      According to one of the support pages (specifically, Use Adobe PDF options to export to PDF in InDesign), I'm supposed to be able to select a range of pages (from a long book) to be exported as a PDF using something called the Export Adobe PDF dialog box. However. the support page provides no information about where or how to access this particular dialog box -- and I can't find it.


      I've found File > Adobe PDF Presets, but that's not the right box. That box doesn't provide an option for changing the page range of a PDF export.


      All I want to do is do a temp export of pages 6 to 9 of a novel so I can look at the layout. How do I do that?

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          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

          Choose File > Export.

          Select Range.

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            MIDI Guru Level 1

            Sorry, but that doesn't work for me. In the File menu I have an Export... command, but it takes me directly to a file dialog box for my system. (I tried that already.) It doesn't show the big handsome box in your screen shot.


            I'm in Windows 7, which shouldn't make a difference, but might.

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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              Select one of the presets (such as HIgh Quailty Print, as illustrated in Barbara's excellent screen shot) in the Acrobat PDF Presets drop down menu and it should take you to this dialogue box.

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                MIDI Guru Level 1

                Sorry, Derek. I'm trying, but I do not see any such drop-down. If I select Adobe PDF Presets in the File menu, the box shown below is what I get. There is no drop-down in it. This is if I choose File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define... If I choose, for example, File > Adobe PDF Presets > High Quality Print, all that happens is that my system file save dialog box opens. The route from the File menu into the big settings box that Barbara shows -- that's what I'm not finding.


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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  After selecting the Preset you have to Save the document and after that it takes you to the Export Adobe PDF Dialogue box, as least it does on my version (CC2015.4) – which version of InDesign do you have?

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                    MIDI Guru Level 1

                    Okay, this is progress, but I'm still hung up. Barbara's dialog box appears AFTER I click Save in the file dialog.


                    However, I still can't Select Range. I make that button active, and the range drop-down says, "Custom V." If I edit this to say "6-9" (without the quotation marks) I get the error message below. As far as I know, I'm not "using alternate layouts." And yes, I'm using a section (I think) in order to set the first page of the novel text to p. 3 when in fact it's p. 9 of the file. But I don't want to export the whole section! I only want to export four pages.


                    In the Layout > Numbering & Section Options... dialog, there seems to be no way to END a section. If I create a new section starting on the first page I want to export (and give it the section prefix "xrpt"), ALL of my subsequent pages in the Pages box have "xrpt" as the prefix.


                    So again -- how do I just export an excerpt to PDF, rather than the whole document?


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                      MIDI Guru Level 1

                      According to the online documentation for the Range value in that box: "This option is unavailable when you’re exporting books or creating presets."


                      I'm baffled. What's the difference whether I'm exporting a book? Why should I have to export the whole project if it's a book? How does InDesign even _know_ that my project is a book? Anything could be a book! Or not.

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                        MIDI Guru Level 1

                        Okay, I've got it now. The steps are: When defining a section (in order to do custom page numbering) I need to give it a prefix (such as "txt"). Once I have done that, I can proceed _through_ the system file save dialog back to the InDesign dialog, which will now let me define a range to export using txt6-txt9 (or whatever range).


                        Thanks for your patience.