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    Negative Can Be Positive!

    finnandme Level 1

      While playing with the NutCracker behaviour... I noticed you can set the Flappiness to a negative value and this make the object go up instead of down.


      Used this with the dog Puppet. I tagged the lower jaw, to jaw and set the Nutcracker behaviour  to a normal setting about +50. So now when I move my jaw the puppet jaw moves down.

      I then tagged the dog's nose to jaw and set the NutCracker behaviour to -100, so when I move me jaw the dog's nose goes up.


      I can make the dog talk with just the movement of my jaw... neat! Well I think so


      PS: beware it's a bit load... I've just been told! Apparently I just made my neighbors jump a bit! ...Sorry about that... being deaf does have it's downsides!