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    Att: hand-drawn character flash animators

      hello cartoonists,
      I've working on an animation right now, and want to be certain there's not a better way to do this.

      draw head, pencil paper.
      trace (live-trace illustCS2)
      export as .swf from Illustrator.
      bring into flash
      make mc of full illustration.
      make dupes of said mc for every part (face, ear, nose, etc) on multiple layers (to keep all part from same registration point.
      edit each mc itself, on each individual layer, removing all but the part on that layer (remove everything but the ear on the ear layer, then swap out the full version on that layer with the just edited one.

      do all this for second ((ending) facial expression then shape tween (w/hints) to get facial animation.

      having not drawn the art in flash (no tablet yet) I feel I'm going the long way around to complete this with what I'm doing.

      I know this is off the wall, but if you have any solutions, or links to cartoon/flash folks where I might have better luck, I'd appreciate it.