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    When i import photos, lightroom creates multiple folders for each photo


      hi there,


      I didn't have this problem when first imported my photos for the first time. Firstly, all of my photos are in a single folder, when i go through the steps to import into Lightroom, in the destination folder to import to on the right hand side panel, Lightroom creates folders based on "year photo taken" then in a subfolder it creates folder within, with a number value. i.e 2013,01,07,photo. But if you click on "2013", Then "01 folder" will show up, click on that "07" will show up with the photos that i am trying to view.


      It becomes very hard to organise my photos once Lightroom has done this process. When i initially downloaded Lightroom and imported my photos, this never happened. This is my old import sequence "2013 click, 2013-12-12 click. instead i get 2013 click, 01 click, 07 click, photo click.


      I really need help, I have tried many a route to get around this.


      Many thanks, Logan