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    All my edits are missing!! And I didn't move any files or do anything weird I can think of

    poplarstreetphotography Level 1

      I have a lot of photos that I edited of my best friend's wedding. I was looking at the photos with her in LR last weekend.  A few days later I opened LR and the folder said it was empty, 0 photos in it. I have the RAW files backed up on my external hard drive, but I spent a lot of time editing all those images. I re-imported the files and of course none of my edits or flagged picks, etc. are there.  If I go to my previously backed up catalog will that help?  When I searched for my backup catalogs it shows the most recent being backed up 10/9/16, but I know for a fact I backed up the photos 12/3/16. I am at a loss.  Any help is appreciated.