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    ColdFusion Builder 2016 Will Not Start


      Hello All,


      I recently purchased the ColdFusion Builder 2016 upgrade from CF Builder 2 to 2016.

      I have tried three time to install this application and each time it goes through the entire install and the log file show Successful for everything.


      Two Issues:

      1. When installing I enter my new Serial (CFB 2016) and it works but when I add Previous Serial (CFB 2) it does not accept it. I then choose to use the trial version which runs to completion without error.


      2. When I attempt to start it the icon appears on my task bar for about 2 seconds then disappears.



      I am running on Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 Build:14393.479

      I am running Java 64 Bit: Java 8 Update 111 (64-Bit)

      I am running ColdFusion Server 2016 (developer edition)

      I have CFB 2 Installed on this same PC (I think required for upgrade)


      I have spent hours searching various blogs, forums, etc and have tried everything that seemed somewhat logical but in the end it will not run.

      On the other hand CFB 2 runs perfectly.


      I want to thank you (anyone) for the help you might be able to give me regarding these two issues.


      Good Day...