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    ADE Question


      My computer was authorized 5 years ago using an email address that I no longer have.  I have forgotten the password that I used.  I’m trying to authorize Adobe Digital Editions using my new email address and password but am unable to because it is asking for the password that I have forgotten.  Is there a way of retrieving the old password and having it sent to my new email address?

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          Did you set up a new Adobe account using your new email and password.  If you did and you've just forgotten your password, try to login again with your new email address and just click the Forgotten Password link.  It won't send your current password to your email address but it will send a link to where you can create a NEW password and login with.

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            patm99354347 Level 1

            I set up a new Adobe account online using my new email and password.  The problem is I don't remember the password associated with my old email that no longer exists. 

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              nephtine Level 1

              Not quite sure why you need to remember your old email password if you're using an adobe account based on your new email and password.  You just log in to your adobe account with your new email and password.


              Was your old email service a web based on like yahoo or hotmail etc?  If so, you can still go to provider's website and input your old email address there and use their Forgotten Password link?

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                patm99354347 Level 1

                Sorry, I'm not being clear.  I have downloaded the updated version of Adobe Digital.  When I click on the icon on my screen and it opens up, the "authorize computer" option is inactive (greyed out).  I then go to "erase authorization" and it brings up my old email address and asks for the password, which I can't remember.

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                  nephtine Level 1

                  Try this link using the old email address ....

                  Adobe ID account and sign-in troubleshooting

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                    patm99354347 Level 1

                    Tried it.  It sends the password information to my old email address which I no longer have.

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                      nephtine Level 1

                      So you don't have an alternative email or phone number associated with it instead to have it sent to? 


                      I think you may have to contact ADE customer support and explain to them to see what they suggest.  They may be able to ask you other security questions about your previous sign in and send you a link to change the old password for the old email address so you can deauthorise first on that.


                      Alternatively, if you give them the old email address, they might just be able to bypass that and deauthorise it themselves then talk you through authorising on the new one, in case there are any residual problems.  Sorry can't help any further.