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    HELP!!!  All photos taken in Lightroom Mobile are GONE!!!


      I am so upset!  My Lightroom stopped syncing my mobile pics to my desktop...I had a TON of pics on my iPhone of my kids that I could not get to sync up to my desktop.  Lightroom kept saying I had a duplicate catalog....so it told me to delete the data on Lightroom Mobile...after several days of trying to remedy this, I went ahead and deleted the data...BUT the photos that where taken with my phone are now GONE!!!  I am sick about this...I had no idea that it would delete the images off my phone that where taken with lightroom...I did not realize that the data would be removed from my phone as well...is there ANY WAY TO RETRIEVE THESE IMAGES????  It seems like it would have told me that all photos on my devices would be deleted...this is a VERY bad flaw!

      Any help on this...PLEASE??



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