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    Lightroom mobile Full resolution export from synced folder


      HI everyone,


      I'm using LR Mobile on my iPAd pro with my Desktop Lightroom. Usually when I have a work with a lot of images I'm using the desktop version because the space.

      If I using the mobile version probably I have got only the preview images to work with them.

      I making the setup and it will be syncronised with the desktop version. Its ok. But there are situations when I need the images in full resolution on my iPad. So I need to export the edited images from Lightroom.


      Is there any solution to export full resolution images to my iPad from syncronized folder ?   (without any remote desktop software)


      If its problem because it would be a lot of space on the server, then maybe should be a solution that, when the source is available (in this case, my desktop Mac), I could export the image in full resolution to my iPad.


      Or another version, to remote my Desktop LR from my Mobile LR to export the images in to a DropBox folder. I think it would be a very good tool.