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    Bug? Main image display becomes blank/frozen after deleting an image in library

    Li.F Level 1

      So after the most recent update to my Lightroom CC, I have been encountering this super weird problem:


      If I delete current image displayed in the main image display area, the area would become gray or stays frozen on the deleted image and no further action would change that. Even if you select a new image the main screen remains grayed out/frozen. I can see the "magnifying glass" icon when the mouse cursor is moved into the display area, but clicking the icon does nothing.


      The only way now to fix this problem is close LR and reopen it... It's super annoying.


      Restarting machine didn't solve this.

      Changing GPU settings from hardware to software didn't solve this.

      Changing SmartPreview settings didn't solve this

      My graphics display driver was recently updated but this is before Lightroom CC update.


      Restarting the app and deleting a photo will produce the exact same problem which requires another restart... Basically now if I delete an image the main image viewing area goes gray or stays frozen on the deleted image.


      Here is a video demonstrating the problem:


      My hardware setup:


      Intel i7-6850K

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Graphic Card

      32GB DDR4 ram

      Windows 10 64bit


      Anyone have a solution? Thank you. Mark Mapes