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    FLV Playback control

      Is it possible to control linked flv playback through timeline?

      This is driving me crazy!! I understand skinning but that only seems to work within the flv file itself. What about simple control functions like play, pause, and stop within the swf timeline?

      Please don't just refer me to the livedoc: About controlling video playback using the Timeline

      If anyone could help i would be so grateful. And please keep it simple as I suck at actionscripting.


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          radiantsplinters Level 1

          Behaviors appear to only work for embedded video, and the components only inside the flv.

          If I could get the timeline to acknowledge the timing of the flv then it would be easy, but I can't.

          Is it not possible?


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            Nickels55 Level 2
            I am not sure what you are saying but there are some good tutorials on controling videos here:


            Scroll down and watch the Video Basics 1-4 to see how to control embedded flv files.
            They should point you in the right direction, plus the guy is really good so watch them anyway. Are you using Flash 8, because that is the best for using flv files?
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              radiantsplinters Level 1
              Thanks for the reply, however the tutorials are for embedded video only except for lesson 8 and that is just for a mute button (a possible approach for adding a pause and play button, but not really).

              And these tutorials, though great, are for MX 2004 and I'm on 8. I'll definitely use this site as a great resource but it doesn't solvethe issue at hand.

              I need help with linked flv file control within the main swf but outside of the flv itself.

              Any further ideas?