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    text boxes and buttons

      Hello everyone.

      I have a question about both the text boxes and the buttons. With these interactivity components, I notice in the timeline that the row is broken into Active vs. Inactive. I don't think I understand the subtleties here. Can anyone explain to my why there is a difference and when would we want a text box/button to become inactive? Thanks in advance.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Fatenah

          Basically, a button is present in order to carry out an action once clicked. So the line between the "Active" and "Inactive" parts represents the stopping point were it pauses the movie. I think the Inactive bit is simply indicating that if the slide were perhaps 10 seconds long and the button displayed the whole time, but paused at 5 seconds and was programmed to "Continue", then the user would see the button, but could not click it for the remaining 5 seconds.

          Does this help? Rick