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    Change to CC Question


      I Currently have LR 5.7. I want to move to CC for photographers. If, at some point, I decide I no longer want CC, will I still have access to my standalone LR and library? Thanks.

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Yes, you can reinstall Lightroom 5 but your CC Library is NOT backwards compatible with Lightroom 5.  Lightroom CC will still work after you quit paying but the Map and Develop modules will be disabled.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your Lightroom 5.7 and Lightroom CC can both exist on the same computer. Lightroom CC will create an updated copy of your catalog that is compatible with the newer version. That catalog will contain all of your images and all the work you have done up to this point. However, that catalog is not backward-compatible with Lightroom 5 .7. You can go back and use Lightroom 5 .7, but you will have to use the original catalog that hasn't been updated and all subsequent work will not be accessible to you.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Your images are always available as they are not IN LR. So even if you stopped using LR and all other Adobe software your images would still be stored on your had drive.

              Yes if you stopped your subscription to the CC Photography plan you could still continue using LR 5. But the LR CC 2015, and whatever comes after LR 2015, catalog file will not open in the older LR 5.